We would like to thank the following people for their financial donations: Charles Taylor, Craig Hodges, Sabrina B Panlilio, Thomas Nonhof, George Dedousis, and Alfredo Culas.

We would like to thank DILA (Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago) for providing us with 3731 entries in 11 languages. The project of collecting words in the various languages was started by Ernie Turla, who chose the words to include. Danny Gill collected and arranged the words. The following people provided entries for e languages:
Ilocano: C Sundita, D Gil, C Rubino
Pangasinan: C Sundita, Babylyn, S Villafania
Kapampangan: E Turla
Tagalog: J Reyes, C Sundita, E Turla
Bicol: C Sundita
Waray: H Fiji
Cebuano: D Gil, C Sundita, R Gutierrez, L Faelnar
Hiligaynon: J Pensar, D Gil
Kinaray-a: J Pensar, Diding
Maguindanao: R Gutierrez
Tausug: C Sundita

Thank you Felimar M Blanco for providing 425 words for the Aklanon dictionary from and for dditional words you have added to the Aklanon dictionary.

We would like to thank Lloyd for providing us with 218 entries for the Waray dictionary by ing Waray lessons at would like to thank The Southeast Studies Summer Institute for providing about 2500 Tagalog entries. would like to thank Armando A.B. Regala for the words he has provided for our Kapampangan and Tagalog ries. He provided about 3600 Kapampangan entires and about 2400 Tagalog entries. would like to thank www.bisaya .com for the words they have provided for our Cebuano and Hiligaynon dictionaries. They ed about 11500 Cebuano entires and about 7300 Hiligaynon entries. Unfortunately their website is own now.

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