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apóstrope, kudlit sa itaas na inihahalili sa inalis na titik sa isang salitâ: n. apostrophe.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: apostrope, kudlit sa itaas na inihahalili sa inalis na titik sa isang salita English: apostrophe Edit
kudlít: 1. n. tick
2. n. tittle
3. n. apostrophe
4. n. mark
5. n. mutation
6. n. in baybayin kudlit alter the sound of all syllables excluding a, e/i and o/u. If a kudlit is placed over a sign the syllable will change from ending with an -a to ending with an -e or -i. Placed under the sign the sound will end with an -o or -u. In the doctrina cristiana baybayin another kudlit exists, the virama. A cross signed mutation which turns the syllable into a consonant.
Tagalog: kudlit English: apostrophe, tick, tittle, mark, mutation Edit
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Tagalog: rvsappieciaoyihnrx English: apostrophe Edit
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Tagalog: apostrophe English: jclvenbkoenrodokzqe Edit

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