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FGRKzfhWPRgCShhWZOk: I just had to tell you....I was doing some "Spring Cleaning" today and in my closet I found 2 old diitconaries that belonged to my Grandpa. One is dated 1937 and the other 1953. In the 1953 one, there is a section in the beginning entitled "New Words". I thought that was very interesting. Some of the "new" words were...Penicillinbobby socksjalopymicrowaves (not yet the oven)New DealtelecastA lot of the "new words" were related to World War II.Thought you might find that interesting. Have a great day!
Tagalog: kqeddfajrnw English: asar Edit
asar: adj.
1. annoyed of someone or something
2. annoyed by someone or something
3. to go on someone's nerve
Syn. ayaw, inip, muhi, aksaya
Ant. gusto; ibig, mahal, hilig, sinta
Tagalog: asar English: annoyed, nuissance, nerve Edit
asar: darn it, damn, stupid
Tagalog: asar English: darn it, damn, stupid Edit
asar: pissed
Tagalog: asar English: pissed Edit
sad: betchot
Tagalog: sad English: sad Edit

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