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bigás: Word: bigas
English Definition: (noun) husked and uncooked rice
Notes: PALAY is unhusked rice; BIGAS is husked, uncooked rice; KANIN is cooked rice; MALAGKIT is sticky rice (cooked or uncooked); SUMAN is sweet steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves; PUTO is a rice cake.
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: bigas English: rice Edit
big-ás, pá-lay, kánin, palay-án, tutóng, malagkit, darák, ipá, bigásan, mag-sá-ing:
n. rice (general grain), bigas (Mayroon pa ba tayong bigas? Do we still have rice?)
n. palay, unhusked rice grain
n. kanin, cooked rice (Ako ay kakain ng kanin at itlog, I will eat rice and egg.)
n. burned rice at the bottom of the pot, tutong
n. rice porridge, lugaw
n. sticky rice, malagkít
n. rice bran, darák
n. rice husk, ipá
n. rice field, rice farm, palayán
n. rice mill, bigásan
v. to plant rice, magtaním ng palay
v. to cook rice, mag-saing ("ng kanin"—superfluous)
LA County MLS 2008
Tagalog: bigas, palay, kanin, palayan, tutong, malagkit, darak, ipa, bigasan, magsaing English: rice, grain of rice, cooked rice, rice field, cook Edit

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