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sala, pagkalabag sa utos: n. delinquency.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: sala, pagkalabag sa utos English: delinquency Edit
may-sala: n. delinquent.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: may-sala English: delinquent Edit
ba-yà, pa-bá-yà, pa-ba-yâ-an: adj. delinquent, neglectful: pabaya, mapabaya
n. neglect: kapabayaan
vt. neglect, give no attention: pabayaan
MLS LACounty 2010 MC

MLS LACounty 2010
Tagalog: baya, pabaya, pabayaan English: delinquent, neglect, neglectful Edit

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