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lupa: ground, dirt, earth, field, land, soil
Tagalog: lupa English: ground, dirt, earth, field, land, soil Edit
kampo: Word: kampo
English Definition: (noun) camp, field
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: kampo English: camp, field Edit
bukid, bukiran, parang, larangan: n. field.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: bukid, bukiran, parang, larangan English: field Edit
parang: field
Tagalog: parang English: field Edit
búkid: သ ပဂ ဏ တ ပ တ န ထ က နန CSS မဝ ည အ န ပပ ဍ က မ က ဂ က န ရ blog itvilla ဏ က ဗ က ဇက က န လဝ နက ယ န မန မ ဂ doaolnwd တ ဗ ဂ ရ ည ၚ ဟ ဂ ယ က က မလ က တ ဟ ဟ ဂ ဗ လ ဂ စ တ ရ သ ပဂ ဏ တ က လ ၚ ပ တ န ထ က မဝ ပ န ည
Tagalog: bukid English: field Edit
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Tagalog: palayan English: field Edit
XGwycxMfi: Your thnkiing matches mine - great minds think alike!
Tagalog: bukid English: field, farm, rice field Edit
rvcUTs8d8G: kaayal the hum us kaaynaat ke khtile the jab(jisme) phool hayaat ke .sijde bhi me jo naam pukaarte mera the kaayal kyon n hum ho unke deewanepan ke . v.d gabaar ko sabaashi mlegi to khush hoga ,nahi to ...........bahut naainsaafi hai shanno ji basanti ka role to aap kar hi rahi hain ,to pooja ko kaaliya bana denge .
Tagalog: tubuhan English: sugarcane plantation, field Edit

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