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PKkhOwtRDdXx: Stay with this guys, you're henlpig a lot of people.
Tagalog: ua4xbma1dy1 English: giting Edit
ypaAKfwLxeZ: Khmer Karaoke Megastars My partner and i was aivsded this internet site by my personal cousin. I am uncertain whether this kind of post is compiled by him as nobody in addition know these kinds of detailed concerning my trouble. You're amazing! Thanks! your write-up about Khmer Karaoke Stars All the best Rolf Agata
Tagalog: dtjkdxbutpebjhvdkv English: gite Edit
git: git
Tagalog: git English: git Edit
gíting, kagitíngan: brave
Tagalog: giting, kagitingan English: courage, heroism Edit
giti: found in the street..
Tagalog: giti English: small vagina Edit

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