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q3WMYoL5: That's really thnkniig of the highest order
Tagalog: vwdrwrdfigu English: gusto Edit
gusto, penge: would
Tagalog: gusto, penge English: would Edit
gusto: v.
1. used when like someone or something
2. used when wanting something
3. used when desiring something.
Etym. Spn.: 1.prs.Sing. gusto, from the verb "gustar", to want
Syn. nais, ibig, hilig, sinta
Ant. ayaw, muhi, asar
Tagalog: gusto English: like, want, desire Edit
gusto: would
Tagalog: gusto English: would Edit
gusto: like
Tagalog: gusto English: like Edit
YG0afFVwj3f: Brnliialce for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.
Tagalog: gusto English: 6kwwzmjel Edit
gusto: di ka gusto
i don't like you
Tagalog: gusto English: like Edit

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