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kagípítan: crisis, difficulty, hardship
Tagalog: kagipitan English: crisis, difficulty, hardship Edit
hilahil: tribulation, sufferings, grief, hardship, distress
Tagalog: hilahil English: tribulation, sufferings, grief, hardship, distress Edit
PkjW70rS: That is the camera I used for a few years (Canon Powershot A80). It was my first diitagl after using professional Minolta and Canon cameras for many years. I now use a Canon G9.So the photos I include here will have been shot with a variety of cameras.I'm delighted you enjoy my sampling of photos. I am enjoying yours as well.David
Tagalog: hirap English: difficult, hard, hardship, poor, poverty Edit
hirap, pagal, kapagalan, ligalig, bagabag: This "free sharing" of infaimotron seems too good to be true. Like communism.
Tagalog: hirap, pagal, kapagalan, ligalig, bagabag English: hardship Edit

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