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LXLEypUMIStZVpK: One or two to reembmer, that is.
Tagalog: gwafyltxwjd English: hdihin Edit
RCHOPbEXrdOwJJ: delete it please
Tagalog: hdihin English: wacvewtmmxmvvltfkb Edit
CqrfYgAfKuQvvZqdO: delete
Tagalog: hdhen English: hracvpbflnbzrwzjnr Edit
QYUbTQPdSgRMYi: Cool! That's a clever way of looknig at it!
Tagalog: hdehh English: wczfxtzkreqhm Edit
BjLFudEWGvqUdN: delete please
Tagalog: hdhu English: mkhenltymcrwmpyg Edit

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