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yámang, yáyámang: because, since, inasmuch
Tagalog: yamang, yayamang English: because, since, inasmuch Edit
yamang: adv. inasmuch.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: yamang English: inasmuch Edit

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Tagalog entries searched: inasmuch, asmuch, asmuchin, asmuchhin, asmchin, asmchhin, asmucha, asmuche, asmuchi, asmucho, asmuchu, asmuc, asmuca, asmuce, asmuci, asmuco, asmucu, asmuchh, asmuchha, asmuchhe, asmuchhi, asmuchho, asmuchhu, asmch, asmcha, asmche, asmchi, asmcho, asmchu, asmc, asmca, asmce, asmci, asmco, asmcu, asmchh, asmchha, asmchhe, asmchhi, asmchho, asmchhu, nasmuch, inasmoch, asmoch, asmuchen, asmuchhen, asmchen, asmchhen, asmoc, asmochh, smcha, smca, smchha, nasmoch

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