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ganon: like that
Tagalog: ganon English: like that Edit
ganoon, ganon: like, that, like that
Tagalog: ganoon, ganon English: like, that, like that Edit
ganoon: like that. (from gaya niyon, gaya noon).
Tagalog: ganoon English: like that Edit
ganyan: like that. (from gaya niyan).
Tagalog: ganyan English: like that Edit
ganito: like this. (from gaya nito.)
Tagalog: ganito English: like this, like, this Edit
gáya, kagáya: like, similar to, the same as. Syn. tulad, katulad.
Tagalog: gaya, kagaya English: like, similar, same, imitation Edit
parého: like, same, equal, similar, alike, identical
Tagalog: pareho English: like, same, equal, similar, alike, identical Edit
gumusto, gustuhin: Word: gusto
Active Verb: gumusto
Passive Verb: gustuhin
English Definition: 1) want, like (post-verb) 2) to like, to want, to desire (verb)
L2 Definition: (syn) ibig
Examples: 1) Walang gumusto sa kanyang palabas. (Nobody liked her show.) 2) Gustuhin mo kaya ang aking pasalubong. (Will you like my gift?)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: gumusto, gustuhin English: like, want, desire Edit
párang: parang: seem; seems like (from Armando A.B. Regala www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/4059/diction.html)
Tagalog: parang English: seem, seems, like, as if Edit
kawangis, kawangkí: adj. like.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: kawangis, kawangki English: like Edit
gaya, para, paris: adv. like.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: gaya, para, paris English: like Edit
umibig, suminta, gumiliw: v. like.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: umibig, suminta, gumiliw English: like Edit
kabagang: its just like yours papa,
Tagalog: kabagang English: like Edit
ganoon: like
Tagalog: ganoon English: like Edit
vongvong: I like it very much.
Tagalog: vongvong English: like Edit
hinangad.: Source: Parent.
1. Hinangad ako ang video game!
2. I want a video game!
Tagalog: hinangad. English: want, like, wish.chanku Edit
gayón: like that, so, in that manner
Tagalog: gayon English: like, so, manner, furthermore Edit
gusto: v.
1. used when like someone or something
2. used when wanting something
3. used when desiring something.
Etym. Spn.: 1.prs.Sing. gusto, from the verb "gustar", to want
Syn. nais, ibig, hilig, sinta
Ant. ayaw, muhi, asar
Tagalog: gusto English: like, want, desire Edit
hangád, hángárin: hangad kung umuwi
Tagalog: hangad, hangarin English: desire, want, like, interest, intent, motive Edit
mahal na mahal kita: Word: ibig
Active Verb: umibig
Passive Verb: ibigin
English Definition: (post-verb) want, like, wish, desire (verb) to want, to like, to love, to desire, to wish
L2 Definition: (syn) gusto (post-verb)
Examples: 1) Umibig ka na ba? (Have you fallen in love?) 2) Gusto mo bang ibigin ka niya? (Do you want her to love you?)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: ibig, umibig, ibigin English: want, like, wish, desire, want, like, love, desire, wish Edit
gusto: like
Tagalog: gusto English: like Edit
naîs: yljJ8d http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
Tagalog: i6ddol English: like, want, desire Edit
túlad, katúlad: like, similar to, the same as. Syn. gaya kagaya.
Tagalog: tulad, katulad English: like, similar, same Edit
gusto: di ka gusto
i don't like you
Tagalog: gusto English: like Edit
pares: Word: pares
English Definition: (adj) even; paired; similar; equal to; like
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: pares English: even, paired, similar, equal to, like Edit
iyon: pron. That. far from the person spoken to. (Ang version)
Tagalog: iyon English: that Edit
niyon, noon: pron. That far from the person being spoken to. (ng version of iyon).
Tagalog: niyon, nyon, noon English: that Edit
yaon: Word: yaon
English Definition: (pron) that (which is far from both speaker and addressed, usually out of sight)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: yaon English: that Edit
na: Word: na
English Definition: (lig) connects modifier and word modified. Takes the form --NG when the word it follows ends in a vowel sound, as MABAIT NA BATA or BATANG MABAIT, good child.
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: na English: that, of Edit
iyan: pron. that close to the person spokent to.(Ang version)
Tagalog: iyan English: that Edit
buang: linkers. They link parts of a sentence together such as linking the adjectives to nouns.
Tagalog: -ng, ng, -g, g, na English: that, of Edit
yaon, iyan: 7Eeo1i http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
Tagalog: sqaxb English: that Edit
niyan: 8pTY63 http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
Tagalog: lnx70 English: that Edit
pakialam: that
Tagalog: pakialam English: that Edit
iyong: Iyan
Ikaw, ka, sayo, kayo
mo, inyo, iyong
Tagalog: iyong English: that, you, your Edit
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Tagalog: that English: xyquqehqvsp Edit

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