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pílyo, pílya: mischievous, naughty, rascal
Tagalog: pilyo, pilya English: mischievous, naughty, rascal Edit
makaras malikot masama: naughty
Tagalog: makaras malikot masama English: naughty Edit
pasaway: adj. stubborn or hard headed (slang).
Tagalog: pasaway English: stubborn, hard headed, naughty Edit
pasaway: n. the person who is a spoiled brat...
Tagalog: pasaway English: naughty, dweeb Edit
masamâ, malikot, makarás: naughty
Tagalog: masama, malikot, makaras English: naughty Edit
makulit: huwag makulit
Tagalog: makulit English: naughty Edit
pasaway: Not doing what you are being told.
Malikot- Naughty, restless
Tagalog: pasaway English: naughty Edit

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