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sapitin: reach, arrive
Tagalog: sapitin English: reach, arrive Edit
umábot, sumapit; mag-abót: v. reach.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: umabot, sumapit, mag-abot English: reach Edit
abót, kaya: Help, I've been informed and I can't bceome ignorant.
Tagalog: abot, kaya English: reach Edit
OojZ435YK: I just hope whveeor writes these keeps writing more!
Tagalog: abot English: reach, overtake, get Edit
VoNL2OZ6: Glen Beck doing Fox News vs. Beck doing &#;2L082oser” vs. Jimi Hendrix Doing “Foxy Lady”That Wasn’t Chicken You Just AteExplain What the Other Artist is Drawing Using Venn DiagramsHope FloatsUses for Old TV Sets After Civilization Collapses
Tagalog: sumapit English: arrive, reach, rise Edit
VaRuFKVqLux: Welcome to FM Crowd!!If I were you I probably would take some midtable chiihaonspmp team but because here is so many of English league blogs why not take some other country? Dutch league is really good and also german league is one of the most competitive.
Tagalog: deach English: pmgfozdwwq Edit
mGM1FHHi: Ai vrea să trăieşti în timpul când a fost scrisă Mândrie şi prejudecată? Pe mine mă depăşeşte epoca, chiar nu era pentu mi-A?n:elexya, cât de tare! Eu nu m-am gândit niciodată la o astfel de lume:-? Să trăieşti printre zâne, cred că e aşa de drăguţ şi inocent!
Tagalog: reach English: 6m7ywt5x2r0f Edit

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