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purok: purok: section (from Armando A.B. Regala www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/4059/diction.html)
Tagalog: purok English: section Edit
pánig: side, party, division, one side or part of the subject.
Tagalog: panig English: side, party, division, panel, page, section Edit
bahagi: SimonHome WifI access is cetrainly an issue in disadvantaged communities and some parents are still yet to grasp the benefit to their children caught up in the negative media surrounding internet access. As a PDHPE tecaher I cetrainly won't be advocating students accessing WiFi at McDonald's the site lists many others too. Most council libraries have connectivity and many are moving towards WiFi in your own community you will find many of the have homework rooms with connectivity and support. In some schools it could become a new roll for the year advisors or HT Welfare to provide a list of appropriate free Wifi in the community and also advice on selecting the cheapest ISP. I know that many families that don't like being contacted or signing contracts choose 3G as no contracts or sign up, but it's the most expensive (by up to 60x) form of connectivity.Educators need to challenge the barriers to effective teaching practice but also work within the realities of our organizations. Whilst you see a barrier from the NSWDET filter other school have different challenges:Whilst NSWDET schools internet is covered by global budget (essentially free for schools) many schools pay for their internet at standard rates. Teachers are forced to access content judiciously to keep costs downNSWDET has set minimum standards for bandwidth to schools but in some NSW, many NT and Nth WA schools their bandwidth is via a Satellite (similar to a 14.4kps modem)NSWDET tecahers can at least request unblocking, many schools are bound by their schools commercial filter and cannot request unblocking re-categorisingI think that the political feedback suggests that there could be movement towards relaxing some categories but like all things in NSW this will be a long political process of lobbying and consultation. Filter checks area part of teaching in a digital environment teachers should be checking all URLS at least a week before the lesson to give time for the filter team to process the request and the client on the laptop to update.Ben
Tagalog: bahagi English: section Edit
QnkRqQhKWTginEj: Despite many sentiments, betetr explored articles nonetheless fetch in subscribers like me. You showed clear knowledge of this issue matter and my views are now total after reading your posting. Please keep up the sound work and that i will subscribe for your rss nourish to be enlightened of any succeeding postings.
Tagalog: section English: vtuctuqqppoqmmn Edit

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