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shi: shi
Tagalog: shi English: Edit
kyhpJWzilMZVRCBoo: in ur case its rather blue ball….well, anyayws, theres no word for it (for female version i mean) – thats the point… wats a female chevalier called?!maybe next task on the gender-agenda AKA (a)gender
Tagalog: she English: ndcxknmludastbo Edit

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Tagalog entries searched: shehin, sheh, shehhin, shhin, shhhin, sheha, shehe, shehi, sheho, shehu, she, shehh, shehha, shehhe, shehhi, shehho, shehhu, shha, shhe, shhi, shho, shhu, sha, shi, sho, shu, shhha, shhhe, shhhi, shhho, shhhu, shehen, shehhen, shhen, shhhen

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