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kinalaman: kinalaman: of common knowledge; well-known (from Armando A.B. Regala www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/4059/diction.html)
Tagalog: kinalaman English: of common knowledge, well-known Edit
balita, magbalita, ibalita: Word: balita
Active Verb: magbalita
Passive Verb: ibalita; balitaan
English Definition: 1) news (noun) 2) well-known, famous, talked about (adj) 3) to tell, to report, to relay the news (verb) to someone
Examples: 1) Ano ang balita? (What is the news?) 2) Siya ay balita na may anak sa labas. (He is known to have an illegitimate child.) 3) Ibalita mo naman sa amin ang nangyari. (Tell us what happened.) 4) Balitaan mo naman kami kung ano ang nangyari. (Tell us
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: balita, magbalita, ibalita English: news, well-known, famous, talked about, tell, report, relay the news Edit
laganap, lumaganap: Word: laganap
Active Verb: lumaganap
English Definition: (adj) scattered, well-known (verb) to be scattered, to be well-known
Examples: Lumaganap na ang balita na siya ang ama ng bata. (It became well-known that he was the father of the child.)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: laganap, lumaganap English: scattered, well-known Edit
kilala, makilala: Word: kilala
Active Verb: makilala
English Definition: 1) famous, well-known; acquainted with another (adj) 2) to happen to know, to happen to meet, to become acquainted (verb)
Examples: Magkakilala silang dalawa. (They happen to know each other.)
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: kilala, makilala English: famous, well-known, know, meet, acquainted Edit
kilala, magkilala, kilalanin: Akit
Tagalog: kilala, magkilala, kilalanin English: famous, well-known, acquainted, know, meet Edit
balon: Word: balon
English Definition: (noun) a well (of water), a deep hole in the ground
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: balon English: well, deep hole in the ground Edit
galing, magaling: Word: galing
English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ (magaling) good, well-already, fine, skillful, clever, polite
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: galing, magaling English: good, well, fine, skillful, clever, excellent, polite Edit
mabuti, magaling: adj. well.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: mabuti, magaling English: well Edit
balón, bukál, bálong: n. well.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: balon, bukal, balong English: well Edit
bumukal, bumalong: v. well.
Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20738
Originally published in 1915.
Tagalog: bumukal, bumalong English: well Edit
igi, maigi: Word: igi
English Definition: (adj) /ma--/ (maigi) well, all right
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
Tagalog: igi, maigi English: well, all right Edit
englist: well
Tagalog: mabuti English: well Edit
Ma-Ie-Ghi: Well, good
Tagalog: maigi English: well Edit
magaling, walang dinaramdam: oVPTJF http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
Tagalog: dpaf5 English: well Edit
bat': known, aware of, conscious
Tagalog: batid English: known, aware, conscious Edit
noseline ko na yun: known
Tagalog: noseline ko na yun English: known Edit
gago: cjdVf6 http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
Tagalog: le0kuz English: popular, known, famous Edit
alam: Batid
Tagalog: alam English: known Edit
GKiQZBReqrbvTE: You have more useful info than the Brtisih had colonies pre-WWII.
Tagalog: well English: nbufxtyr Edit

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