Searching the Dictionary

Search Overview

  1. The title page displays the language and gives you links to the search page, the random word page, and the add word page.
  2. The main word look up page is used to search for English and Filipino words. This is where you search for a single word.
  3. The link block gives you the three links on the title page, plus links to the manual and terms of use page.
  4. The Create Links page is used when you want to search for words in a document such as when you have a document or list of words in the computer. It creates a page where you can look up any word in the text by clicking on it. An example of this would be a news article from the internet that you would like to read. To use the Create Links page, copy the text and paste it into the text area and press the Submit button. This will generate a page where each word is linked to the dictionary. If you click on a word, a separate window will pop up that will show the definition of the word. This is useful for reading when there are a few words that you don't know.

Some dictionaries not only show words that match, but also search for word roots.

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