Philippine History Timeline

1521 Ferdinand Magellan arrives in the Philippines.

1781 Governor Jose Basco y Vargas established the Economic Society of Friends of the Country.

1896 Jose Rizal is executed.

1898 Aguinaldo declares independence on June 12.

1898 The Treaty of Paris between Spain and the United States. Part of the treaty gave the Philippines to the United States.

1941 Japan begins its invasion of the Philippines.

1942 President Quezon and U.S. General MacArthur flee the Philippines, leaving it to Japan.

1944 General MacArthur begins retaking the Philippines.

1945 World War II ends.

1946 The Philippines receives full independence.

1972 - 1986 Martial law under Ferdinand Marcos.

1986 EDSA Revolution (EDSA 1)

1983 Benigno Aquino Jr. is assassinated.

1986 Corazon Aguino becomes president, ending martial law.

2001 Joseph Estrada steps down as president because of public outrage over alleged corruption. (EDSA 2)

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